Your studio

download “useful information” (pdf)


  • don’t forget that you need an insurance, see link: verzekering
  • new tenants should leave their name and telephone number with the contact person, see link: contactpersoon


    • each studio’s individual electricity meter is located in the electricity room on each floor at studios *10. This door can be opened with the key from the old entrance door
    • Digital meter Sep 7, ’23): read the manual at fluvius or download pdf (Dutch)

internet & tv

  • cable distribution connection points are behind the “Telenet” shaft doors in each corridor
  • telephone connection points (Proximus) are in the large cupboard “Belgacom” in the technical room “electricity meters” on the first floor. This door can be opened with the key from the old entrance door.



smoke detectors

As from 1/1/2019, smoke detectors are mandatory in all studios



  • studios: ventilation IN the studios is effected through an extractor above the kitchen and in the bathroom. Both ventilation canals are connected to a central extractor system.
  • central roofextractors are placed on top of the 6the floor (betwee studios 601 and 605, 606 and 607, 611 and 612); they operate 24/7, but at a diminished capacity at night (technical information, see link: WTCB)
  • restaurants: both restaurants have their own separate ventilation system

The cooker hood (extractor fan) in the kitchen must be engineless, or it will interfere with the operation of the central extraction system and your neighbours will get your food smells in their studio. An engine can only be used if the cooker hood has a well functioning recirculation system.


central heating

    • we have a central heating system working with natural gas, the boilers are situated on the 7the floor
    • settlement is based on basis of individual studios, making use of a calory meter, for more information see link: pagina Verwarming
    • heating in Gouden Reaal= Low temperature heating


  • As a tenant, you are obliged to take out a fire insurance (insurance for fire and water damage), you can also insure your belongings.
  • A fire insurance does nog cover everything. You can also take an insurance for civil liability (the so-called “familiale polis”).

disconnect the water

  • click on the photo on the left, and close both taps above the bath


  • or have a look in the white, vertical pipe box in the corridor, and find the shut-off valves using the second picture

water taps

  • thermostatic taps can cause problems “The problem with thermostatic taps is that people never change the temperature, so that the inside work, the ceramic disks, starts to calcify. The best way to avoid these problems is installing a single lever mixtap, preferably of a well known brand.”
  • settlement: there is NO individual settlement with watermeters: the water is of collective and settlement is effected through AWW. The water is pressurised in the basement of the building (parking) through a pump (hydrophore group).
  • warm water is produced through a collective installation (7th floor); there is NO individual settlement and with watermeters

drain blocked?

    • If a drain is blocked in a studio: inform the contact person immediately! Never use unblocking agents yourself please. Some products produce such high temperatures that they can melt the drainpipes!
    • unblocking work may only be carried out by a recognised unblocking company in consultation with the building’s contact person.