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Neighbourhood monitor




Air quality

  • Map of Belgium with – among others – indication of smog (fine dust) (blue = healthy, brown = unhealthy)
  • Information on the air quality in Antwerp: (green = healthy, red = unhealthy)

Mobility score (2019)


Our street – Kaasstraat has a mobility score of 9.8/10 (public transport: well available / education, shops and services, relaxation, sports and culture, health care: very accessible)

Bicycle shed

  • bicycle shed in the Zilversmidstraat (approx. €6/month)
  • apply to Stad Antwerpen, team Buurtparkeren (

The river Scheldt and the quays

thermo kaart

Thermographic map

This map shows loss of heat, and therefore the insulation of the building (February 2016):

Websites for tenants and owners