Your Gouden Reaal


  • moving with the lifts is allowed if done in a calm and careful manner
  • lift doors close? Open with the push button, do not force it with your hands
  • washing machines and/or heavy items: only with a trolley or moving plate on wheels – dragging through the corridors will damage the floor!
  • never block the entrance doors in the hallway with a wood wedge, screwdriver or any other object: the door has a powerful pump which will skew the door and prevent it from closing
  • opening the entrance doors: be patient for a few seconds for the automatic door

waste disposal

  • paper and cardboard: can be deposited in the blue container in the waste disposal room at the entrance. Is the container full? Put your paper and cardboard on the street on Monday evening, for the city to collect.
  • glass: bring your bottles to the glass container on the Grote Markt or the Groenplaats
  • domestic waste: put in a bag, can be dropped in the hatch at the waste disposal room at the entrance – at this moment domestic waste is not being sorted
  • prohibited: long objects, building waste, appliances
  • non-domestic waste: you have two options: you can bring it to the containerpark or have it collected by the city (info: search for “Antwerpen grofvuil”)

Do not leave anything behind in the waste disposal room!


  • YOU NOTICE A FIRE (at your studio or elsewhere)? Push the RED BUTTON in the hall and call the firebrigade, number 112
  • YOU HEAR THE FIRE ALARM? Stay calm, take only your keys, wallet, mobile phone and a warm coat. Go to one of the exits downstairs, go STRAIGHT AWAY and DON’T RUN, use 1 of the 2 STAIRS. There is one flight of stairs behind the elevator, and ons flight of stairs at the end of the hall next to studios 105, 205, 305, 405, 505, 605. Do not use the elevator, do not run. Wait downstairs for instructions from the firebrigade.
  • more information:

letterbox and bellpanel

  • bellpanel: pass on your name to the contactpersoon
  • letterbox: is part of your studio, name tag to be arranged with the landlord.

camera surveillance

  • security cameras register persons coming in and going out. The images are kept for one month. Camera surveillance is indicated by icons at the front door, and registered according to Belgian legislation. (zie geregistreerd. More information: Dossier privacy (registration required).
elek meter


  • your personal electricity meter is in a separate room behind the elevator, to the left of studios 110, 210, 310, 410, 510, or 609
  • you can choose your own electricity supplier: comparing and choosing suppliers can be done through the V-test of VREG
  • meter reading is effected by Eandis tel. 078 353534


  • do not take any bikes into the hall or elevator
  • there is a bicycle storage space inside the building (entrance at the parking) fee: €10 a month
  • the contactpersoon can inform you about free spaces


  • there are two identical elevators that stop at all floors
  • measurements: 110 x 110 x 220 cm (height)
  • doors of the elevators: 80 cm width, 200 cm hight (diagonal height 215 cm)
  • lelevators are of the brand Otis, maintenance by Europalift, safety inspection by Konhef

house rules

EVERYBODY (tenants, owners, visitors) must follow the houserules:

The Statutes of the building (with basic act and rules of ownership) can be consulted through the owners’ page (see pagina eigenaars – registration required)



  • cleaning of the halls and entrance will be taken care of by a cleaning company
  • weekly scheme for 2019: Monday – Wednesday – Friday

roof terrace 6th floor

  • do no leave waste, do not organize barbecues, do not make noise in the evening or at night
  • show respect for the inhabitants of the 6th floor
  • read the house rules (see above)